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Claire’s Culture

We’re a global brand powerhouse for self-expression for girls and women of all ages. We are dedicated to making this happen through our products, experiences and most importantly, our people.

A Message from CEO, Ryan Vero:
Our mission of being a brand powerhouse for self-expression starts with us. We’re proud to say that 45% of our top executive team is female, and 55% of our global population, vice president and above, is female or diverse. By fully embracing the diversity of our global workforce, we inspire innovation and create better experiences for our people and our consumers.

Why Claire’s?

A passion for what we do

We’re passionate about giving consumers opportunities to express themselves every day. Meeting their expectations is why we push ourselves to be our best. At Claire’s, our work in the fast-paced fashion industry delivers meaningful opportunities for us to enrich others through our dedication to this goal.

A belief in self-expression

We look for talented people who share our love for creative self-expression and who are inspired by fashion and fun. Beyond these values, we want you to bring your unique personality and style. This helps us ensure diversity of thought and talent in every part of our organization.

Continual movement forward

You can feel the energy when you walk into Claire’s—our passion for what we do is strong. We pride ourselves in offering consumers the best experiences and the latest trends. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you learn, grow and advance through meaningful opportunities that advance your career.


We’re committed to making our organization a great place to work. We’re also focused on making our world a better place. Creating a workplace that’s Together@Claire’s means using our time, energy and talent to advance this vision. Through our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness (IDEA) Council and our community giving campaigns, we drive change that enriches our work and the world around us.

Explore our Roles

Explore Retail Store and Store Operations Roles

Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you help girls and women of all ages explore products and accessories to create exclusive and fun looks for self-expression. You must be passionate about delivering excellence and creating great experiences for our customers, helping them find unique looks and ensuring a safe and rewarding ear piercing experience.

Third Key/Key Holder/Part-time Managers

In addition to opening and closing the store, we’ll challenge you to help drive excellence in customer satisfaction while reaching sales targets. A desire to learn and grow is essential as you create opportunities for sales associates and customers to share in their passion, embrace self-expression and engage in fun through our accessories. We’ll depend on you to ensure our ear piecing practices are safe and satisfying for our customers.

Store Operations

From field support to maintenance to store communications, the store operations team enables exceptional customer experiences within thousands of retail stores in North America and around the world. As a store operations team member, you’ll help drive sales through process improvement, training and daily store operations support. As the heartbeat of the organization, you’ll share in leading others to fulfill our vision as a global brand powerhouse for self-expression, creating exclusive, curated and fun looks for girls and women of all ages.

Assistant Store Manager

As an Assistant Store Manager, you’ll be preparing for leadership, learning to challenge your in-store team to exceed our high standards for customer experience and encourage them to meet sales targets while having fun. Your creativity and ability to encourage it in others will be important as you build an environment of passionate self-expression where differences are respected, encouraged and embraced. You’ll also ensure our ear piecing practices are safe and rewarding for our customers.

Store Manager

A critical role for our success, a Store Manager is a keen business leader with passion for our brand. As a Store Manager, you’ll stretch your talents as a coach and team mentor while modeling the importance of excellent customer experiences. We’ll be looking to you to drive sales results and encourage your team to do the same. You’ll hire, train and build a team that embraces creativity and inspires an environment where self-expression is celebrated. We’ll depend on you to grow our ear piecing business and ensure our practices are safe and rewarding for our customers.

Explore Corporate Roles


Getting the right products to the right people at the right time is critical to our success! As a member of the allocations team, you’ll ensure the best direction and flow of products through our diverse sales channels, including retail stores, e-commerce and concession businesses. By optimizing our store inventory and product mix, you’ll help identify opportunities that ensure our sales and profit growth.


As a member of the buying team, you’ll develop and source merchandise for thousands of retail stores, as well as our concession and e-commerce businesses. You’ll develop relationships with domestic and international vendors while growing your career at the cutting edge of the accessory market, sourcing products that encourage self-expression for girls and women of all ages.


Making significant contributions to Claire’s global brand, the design team creates exclusive, curated and fun looks for girls and women of all ages. As a member of our design team, you’ll have opportunities to create fashion-forward looks for our loyal customers worldwide. Collaborating with other teams across our merchandising / buying segments, you'll be encouraged through a dynamic and flexible career path focused on creativity and growth.

Distribution Center

As a member of the distribution team, you’ll be at the center of product activity, shipping to thousands of retail and concession locations. You’ll use your skills for accuracy to ensure quality control and the best customer experiences everywhere our products are sold. From working with vendors to preparing merchandise shipments, you’ll advance your skills and learn new processes to further your career within our worldwide distribution network.


A growing and dynamic area of business, the e-Commerce team is one of three expanding channels where we seek to deliver world-class customer experiences. Participating in the claires.com team will require an omnichannel mindset and a desire for fast-paced learning and growth. As part of the e-commerce team, you’ll help develop our brand and online presence as a global powerhouse of self-expression, where creativity and diversity is encouraged and embraced.

Finance and Accounting

In close collaboration with other business units, the finance and accounting teams provide guidance and structure to rigorous practices, protecting our profitability. As member of the finance or accounting team, you’ll contribute to our fiscal health by analyzing financial performance, setting strategy, maintaining quality practices and ensuring compliance.

Human Resources

At the center of our culture and belief system is our human resources team. From recruiting to training to benefits and rewards, members of this exciting group align our vision with performance outcomes to ensure exceptional customer experiences and our company’s success. As a member of this team, you’ll be challenged to work across divisions to help align our passionate associates with our high standards for operating excellence.

Information Technology

From retail stores to e-commerce sites, from merchandising to point of sale, the information technology team is vital to every business process and outcome we produce. Through our technology, we seek to advance, streamline and hasten how we collect, secure and report our data. As a member of the IT team, you’ll be challenged to learn, grow and develop as we update and strengthen our infrastructure, transforming legacy systems to the latest cloud-based solutions.

International Franchise

Excited about joining a growing international team? Then helping us fulfill our vision in expanding European markets may be the place for you. As a member of the international franchise team, you’ll participate in buying, planning, allocating, exporting and shipping to markets throughout the world. Together with our global partners, you’ll discover opportunities to grow, learn and develop as you open our brand to girls and women of all ages in diverse cultures and geographies.

Legal & Quality Assurance

Ensuring our organization’s ability to comply with law’s throughout the world, our legal and quality assurance teams not only keep our customers safe but ensure that our policies and procedures remain relevant. As a member of our legal or quality assurance team, you’ll collaborate with our in-house teams and outside council to monitor and safeguard our business and manufacturing units.


Moving merchandise, fixtures and provisions between our stores and distribution centers is an important role with a special set of skills. As a member of the logistics team, your ability to negotiate with carriers and ensure the quickest and most cost-effective routes to thousands of stores is essential to ensuring we meet our customers’ expectations. You’ll learn about our passion for operating excellence as you work with like-minded associates who strive to advance our domestic and international logistics operations.

Loss Prevention

Merchandise security in our stores and distribution centers has never been more important. As a loss prevention team member, you’ll help ensure that our policies and procedures to prevent loss align with the industries most advanced techniques and technologies. You’ll contribute to our profitability by safeguarding our merchandise and protecting our customers while developing supportive relationships through our retail and distribution networks.

Marketing & Branding

Creating a global brand means setting the stage for how for girls and women of all ages experience us around the world through diverse cultures and geographies, online, in stores, and through our franchise and concession businesses. It’s an exciting world where creativity meets fun! As a member of our marketing and branding team, you’ll learn and innovate as you create spaces where our customers discover who they are through self-expression. Through our retail outlets, online experiences, events and loyalty programs, there’s no end to how you can engage with our passionate consumers.

Merchandising & Planning

Central to buying, allocation and sales, our merchandising and planning teams manage organization-wide plans for how we show up around the world each season. As a member of this team, you’ll determine sales and inventory goals for our merchandising departments, partnering with passionate associates across the organization to ensure our success. Critical to our sales and growth, these dynamic and rewarding roles are the hub of the retail experience and the heart of our operating excellence.


Provisioning and supplying our retail stores, distribution centers and offices around the world, our procurement team strategically negotiates, contracts and manages the fixtures and supplies that keep our business at top operating performance. As a member of the procurement team, you’ll be challenged as you collaborate with cross-functional teams to secure cost-effective approaches that meet our brand standards within our retail and concession businesses worldwide.

Real Estate

We’re opening new stores! An important channel in our strategy to grow and expand over the next five years, retail stores—and our real estate team—play an increasingly important role in our success. As a member of this important team, you’ll learn what makes our thousands of retail locations successful. You’ll analyze demographic data, negotiate leases and structure our expansion to ensure the best locations for our loyal customers.

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